host a Live Table Talk with julie winokur

Each of us plays a role in reclaiming the spirit of democracy. What started with one woman's revelation is now sparking a movement of ordinary citizens leading the charge for civil discourse. 

By helping to break down political stereotypes and prejudice, Bring it to the Table aims to elevate our national discourse and contribute to a more civil society where we all become better informed citizens.

Universities, citizen action groups, and local political organizations can bring Julie Winokur and Bring It to their communities. These events create an opportunity for audience members to explore their political beliefs, learn to listen well, engage in civil political debate, and talk across party lines about issues that matter to them.

The Program

Producer Julie Winokur shares excerpts and interviews from Bring it to the Table and discusses the project for 20 minutes. For the next 90 minutes, she engages attendees in live Table Talks and invites dialogue and participation from audience members about their assumptions and preconceived notions about issues and policy. "Ordinary" citizens are given an opportunity to speak their minds, openly and authentically. No ranting. No rhetoric. Just straight, honest talk that reveals the value systems behind our personal political views.

This interactive presentation explores what do people believe and why?

Length of Program

Two hours.

Format Required

Auditorium with audio/visual capacity stage and screen.


Afternoon or evening program.

Promotion + Attendance

Talking Eyes will supply promotional material. Host is responsible for promotion and media relations.


To inquire about logistics, fees, and scheduling:
Kathy Leichter
Impact Producer
Bring It To The Table
(917) 842-5388