CiviC Dialogue, Multiplied

Since Bring It to The Table first hit the road in 2012, The Table has been a place where anyone is invited to sit and talk about their beliefs on everything from economic inequality to immigration, from gay marriage to gun control. Hundreds of conversations have taken place across the star-spangled table, resulting in eye-opening revelations of commonality and understanding that come from true listening.

Now, we're multiplying the experience.

Instead of rotating two people at a time around a single table, we're setting up Ten Tables in public spaces in towns, cities, and schools across the country and inviting passersby to take a seat and talk. The tables are set up like the one in our documentary film, Bring It to The Table, with a starry tablecloth and a yellow flower used to indicate where participants fall on the political spectrum. Each table has a topic, that hosts can choose, and a list of prompts to get the conversations started.

Volunteers trained in Bring It's rules of civil dialogue facilitate conversations at each table, listening with the goal of understanding their partner's perspective and asking questions that probe the root of our beliefs. 

Join us in the search for civility and compromise in our national political dialogue. If you're interested in hosting a Ten Tables event in your community, workplace, campus, town hall, or arts institution, reach out to Impact Producer Kathy Leichter via the contact form below.

I loved how the structure created an opportunity to discuss very meaty ideas right away without small talk. That never happens in real life, especially with strangers. Also, I found myself thinking and talking with friends about this whole experience long after the evening ended— a sign of how impactful the event was.
— Julia Sommer, Volunteer

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